On Friday evening, at 6 p.m. sharp, a few people were already streaming in front of the “Batschkapp” entrance, even though it was a little late. The tension and anticipation of the concert only seemed to fire up the crowd even more to quickly get the best seats in front of the stage. Nevertheless, the hall was only partially filled, estimated at around 350 people eager to party. At 7:00 p.m. the time had finally come: the hallowed halls darkened, an intro sounded and the punk rockers “Blaufuchs” took the stage by storm. They went full throttle straight away and heated up the crowd with aggro pop and punk rock. Of course, songs like “Paris” and “Unterwegs” couldn’t be missed. The punk rockers said goodbye to Blaufuchs with “Where you come from” while the crowd danced wildly and sang along. After a renovation phase, “Massdefekt” took the stage. Despite initial technical problems, which were quickly resolved, they rocked the stage with the finest punk & roll. They didn’t let the inconvenience bother them and quickly switched up the setlist. There was a quieter version of “Solitär” from their new album “Let the Dogs Wait”, as well as other songs like “Disko” and “Pferdekotzen”. As a surprise, they also played a song that they hadn’t played live yet, „Not OK“, which was widely celebrated by the crowd and invited people to shout. They tried to create an energetic atmosphere with some crowd games, from jumping to singing along loudly. And as a special highlight there were XXL balloons for the crowd and soap bubbles. With a cover of “Junimond” they also struck a calmer tone. Of course, the old classics like “Nimm Mich Mit” couldn’t be missed, and so the evening ended with a successful mix of new hits and well-known favorite songs. All in all, it was a successful start to the tour for “Massendefekt” with their new album “Let The Dogs Wait”. The wild evening will certainly be remembered by many for a long time. The wild bird says goodbye and leaves you with these memories.